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What to Expect

As a new patient you have pain or concerns that need to be addressed quickly. There are phases to chiropractic care that helps the body in its self healing process.

Symptomatic/Intensive Corrective Care
This first phase consists of your initial consultation to determine the overall cause(s) associated with your ailing health. Dr. Max may need precise spinal X-Rays to calculate a specific formula(s) for your spinal correction. The Orthospinology adjustment is utilized to realign the upper neck bone structure to the head/skull. After the first correction, a patient will enter a healing cycle that lasts four to six weeks. During this time, you may need to visit our office two or three times weekly. Many of our patients report 85% or better results and return to near normal daily activities.

Rehabilitative Care
Rehabilitative Care is a very important step in helping your body heal. We want to ensure a continued journey to wellness and reduce symptoms from returning. Rehabilitative Care ensures a longer lasting result. This phase varies in length, depending upon the individual condition.

Wellness Care
This phase is your routine care that includes regular adjustments, exercise and a healthy diet. It ensures the balance of the bone structure of the head and neck, elevates the immune system, increases blood and oxygen circulation, normalizes nervous system communication, and creates more optimum body performance (“I feel good again”). This phase will give you the ability to continue to live life to the fullest again!